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What does a treatment involve?

What does a Reiki treatment involve?

  • Reiki usually takes place with the recipient lying down, wearing comfortable clothing, in a quiet and peaceful environment. It is also possible for the person to sit if they are not able to lie down.
  • Treatments usually begin with a short case history to find out if the client is suffering from any particular health conditions.
  • In a Reiki treatment, the practitioner uses the gentle touch of their hands to channel universal energy towards the main organs and chakras (energy centres) of the client’s body, with the purpose of helping to re-balance their life force energy.
  • The reiki energy naturally flows towards any areas of imbalance, deficiency or blockage in the body, helping to restore balance on whatever levels are needed.
  • Treatments are usually experienced as relaxing and therapeutic, inducing feelings of peace, balance and well being, and boosting energy levels and vitality.