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Dance4Joy is a dance experience like no other! You are invited to come and dance free-style to a range of eclectic, groovy tunes, in a non-club environment, free from alcohol or drugs. Since there are no steps to learn and no one to impress on a night out, you are really free to let go, have FUN and express yourself!

Dance with your eyes closed or open, alone or with others – it’s your choice.  Tracks include: world, reggae, dance, techno, new age, trance, classical, cheesy/fun and much more..!


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  • Have FUN!;
  • Release tension & stress;
  • Improve your fitness & energy levels, health & mood;
  • Become more present & let go of overthinking/worrying;
  • Experiment with new ways of moving, express yourself with more freedom & improve your self-confidence;
  • Experience deeper states of joy, happiness & inner peace.

“There are shortcuts to happiness and dancing is one of them.” – Vicki Baum


Dance4Joy begins with a guided warm up to music, to help you relax and stretch your whole body from head to toe.

This will lead into free-style dance, where you will have the opportunity to move and express yourself however feels good (there’s no right or wrong). Dance with your eyes closed or open – your choice. I’ll give a few suggestions at different points, but you can also do your own thing if you prefer.

The music will gradually build up in speed until we enter into a ‘let go’ phase – a chance to release and shake out any tension, stress or stuck emotions from our bodies.

Next a chance to connect with some qualities you’d like to develop/bring out more in yourself, that can be expressed and embodied through your movement (eg courage, self-compassion or trust). It can be amazing when we realise that these qualities have been inside us all along!

We’ll then expand our awareness to our connection to others/the wider world. There will be an (optional) chance to dance with others or as a group.

Finally, as the music slows down, we’ll finish with a few moments of stillness together.

Some classes may follow a particular theme and others will be more general – I will list everything on the Events page.


Dance4Joy is suitable for almost everyone and no previous dance experience is required. All that is needed is the ability to move. There is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way to do this kind of dance. Just let the music be your guide and allow your body to respond however feels good.

If you have a serious medical condition such as heart problems or epilepsy, please get in touch with me beforehand to check that the class is suitable for you.


UK – £10.00 per person.

Please bring: comfortable clothing to dance in, warm clothing to relax at the end, a bottle of water to keep hydrated and yourself!


I am currently running this class once or twice per month.

Please click on this link for specific dates.

What previous participants have to say:

“Goooood medicine for the soul!! I love the experience of freedom and connecting with the body’s movements. No judgements – a totally safe and comfortable place to express yourself. It’s one of the best feelings in the Universe!” – Hannah


Me jumping!I created Dance4Joy in 2012, after many years of experience and experimenting with different forms of dance and movement for fun, exercise and healing.

I discovered therapeutic dance in 2006 when a friend recommended that I attend an Osho Aum movement meditation. I found it truly eye-opening to see people expressing themselves in such a free and uninhibited way (without the aid of alcohol!) and to be given ‘permission’ (or to give myself permission) to do the same. I was immediately hooked! I began dancing as often as I could, experimenting with 5 Rhythms, Ecstatic Dance, Active Meditation, Contemporary Dance and Butoh. I found expressive dance to be fantastically healing and liberating – it vastly improved my self confidence, sense of freedom, health, well-being and posture – and was loads of fun! Best of all, it helped me to reconnect with the joy deep within myself and dramatically boosted my energy levels.

In 2011, whilst living in North East Thailand, I finally found myself without a class/teacher and felt inspired to create something myself. I devised my own simple expressive dance class, incorporating elements I had found helpful on my own healing journey as well as from my work as a therapist. I started running classes for small groups, receiving a lot of positive feedback from friends and clients – and so Dance4Joy was born!