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I specialise in helping people in the workplace to:

  • Relax and de-stress,
  • Stay healthy and balanced – so that they feel inspired and supported to give their best at work;
  • Resolve stress-related or chronic symptoms, such as back/neck/shoulder pain, headaches/migraines, frozen shoulder, RSI, digestive problems, jaw pain, ear-nose-throat conditions and more;
  • Resolve injury resulting from whiplash or accident;
  • Learn tools (such as breathing, relaxation and meditation) that they can implement in their lives to create more health and balance.

I offer a range of therapeutic treatments and massage that are perfect for the workplace since they are all carried out through clothing. I can either work with a therapy couch or else do shorter ‘express’ treatments on a chair/stool.

I am available for one off bookings or a more regular arrangement.





Japanese acupressure treatment utilising thumb, palm and elbow pressure, that helps to relax tight muscles, loosen joints, realign bones, alleviate tension and pain, and improve/resolve stress-related conditions. Shiatsu is deeply relaxing, helping to restore health and balance to the person as a whole via the use of pressure applied to specific energy points.


Gentle yet powerful hands-on therapy, derived from osteopathy, which helps to identify areas of tension or misalignment, and support the body in re-aligning and re-balancing itself through the use of gentle touch and release work. Particularly effective for back/neck/shoulder problems, headaches/migraines, ENT problems, whiplash, digestive issues and all stress-related conditions.


Energy healing treatment involving gentle touch, helping to re-balance the energy systems of the body and restore health to the ‘whole person’.

For more information about the individual treatments, please see my dedicated treatments page.

To request a one-off therapy day for your staff (for example, for a treat for your staff or for Stress Awareness week), or to discuss a more regular arrangement, please get in touch to discuss things further. There are many options. Some companies subsidise/pay for treatments for their staff and others provide the room/opportunity for staff to book their own sessions.

Testimonial from Oxfam (2014):

“Silvie’s contribution to our annual Stress Awareness Day was enormous. Her treatments were the highlight of the day and generated a huge amount of interest.  Feedback from the staff was extremely positive, with many enquiring as to whether Silvie would be returning to our head offices for longer and more frequent treatments.” – Zoe Hudson, Staff Health Executive, Oxfam