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Distance Cranio-Sacral Therapy is a gentle yet powerful therapy which:

  1. Helps you to relax and reconnect with your natural state of calm, balance and ease;
  2. Enables the release of old tensions, restrictions, injury or trauma that are causing symptoms or pain;
  3. Reactivates your body’s own self-healing and balancing ability.

How remote Cranio-Sacral Therapy works:

At the subtlest level, human beings are comprised of energy and all energy is interconnected, therefore it is easy and effective to connect and work with a person from a distance. I simply visualise gently placing my hands on your feet, head, sacrum and other parts of the body, as if we were in the same room, ‘listening’ to the tensions and restrictions held there, and gently helping your body to relax, release tension and rebalance itself.

Since you will be receiving the session from the comfort of your own home, you may find that you are able to relax even more deeply than an in-person session. You will have the option to stay connected with me throughout the session via audio or to receive the session purely energetically.

More information about Cranio-Sacral Therapy:

Cranio-Sacral Therapists work with a series of subtle, rhythmic ‘expansion and contraction’ movements, which can be sensed in every part of the body. Science shows that these motions are a vitally important expression of our very life force and our overall wellbeing (or lack of).

Our bodies are generally adept at healing and rebalancing themselves. However, serious accident, illness, surgery, a sedentary lifestyle or emotional trauma can create ‘holding patterns’ in our tissues and restrictions in the movement of our life force energy – leading to symptoms such as headaches, digestive/menstrual issues, back/neck/shoulder pain, auto-immune disease, cancer or chronic fatigue syndrome.

By ‘tuning into’ the subtle, rhythmic motions in a person, Cranio-Sacral Therapists can identify areas of physical/emotional restriction and blocked energy flow, gently helping the body to release these, and return to a state of balance.

The process for a distance Cranio-Sacral Therapy treatment:

Your first session: we start with a short video consultation so that we can ‘meet’ each other, clarify if your needs for the session, and decide on the best way of working together.

For the treatment itself: It’s best if you can lie down in a comfortable and quiet place where you won’t be disturbed. It’s ideal if you can lie on your back in an ‘open’ posture with your eyes closed – but if you feel more comfortable lying on your side then that is fine too. It’s beneficial if you can try to stay present throughout the session and connected to your body sensations – (you can learn a lot about yourself during the process) – however the treatment will still work if you fall asleep.

What you might experience during a remote Cranio Sacral Therapy session: you may notice one or more sensations, such as deep relaxation, heat or cold in different parts of your body, tingling, muscles releasing, energy flowing, emotions or old memories surfacing to be resolved, a feeling of expansion, sleepiness or other feelings.

After your session:

Trust your body and intuition as to what you need afterwards to help support your healing process – maybe more rest if you feel tired, a walk in nature, or to journal about your experience. Make sure you drink plenty of water. We will then either arrange a time for a check-in follow-up or do this via email – whatever you would prefer.

(Please note: long-distance cranio-sacral therapy is not always the best form of treatment or suitable for everyone. If you are suffering from any mental health issues or significant trauma, please contact me so we can assess your particular needs and see if this kind of treatment would be beneficial for you.)

Cost for long distance Cranio-Sacral Therapy:

FIRST consultation and treatment for new clients: 1.5 hours – £60 / 2,500 baht. Includes video consultation to start with and an optional check-in afterwards.

FOLLOW-UP treatment 60 minutes (with VIDEO/AUDIO connection during or before/after the session): £50 / 2,100 baht.

FOLLOW-UP treatment 50 minutes (with EMAIL check-in before and afterwards): £40 / 1,700 baht.