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Reiki is a form of energy healing that is very effective for animals, as well as humans. For animals, working from a distance is often more effective as there are less obstacles to overcome in terms of restlessness, behavioral issues and needing time to get used to/ trust a stranger. When we work from a distance, we are connecting directly with the soul/higher self of the animal, so we can access/work at a deeper level more quickly.

How does a distant Reiki healing session work for your pet?

Together we would arrange a time for me to send the healing. I find that since animals are so sensitive, shorter half hour sessions usually work best. You don’t need to get your pet to lie down for the session (as we would with a human!), however I like to let you know the time that I will be sending to him/her so you can see what you notice in terms of any changes to their symptoms or behavior in the hours and days following the session.

What conditions can Reiki help?

-Health issues such as liver, kidney or digestive problems;

– Post-injury or surgery (to help speed up the healing process);

-Emotional / behavioral issues such as clinginess/insecurity when they are left, aggressiveness, excess hyperactivity, sadness/depression or trust issues (difficulty socialising with other dogs or humans).


  • 50 minute healing:- £35
  • 30 minute healing:- £25

*Sessions include a follow-up email detailing anything particular that I felt.



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