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Explaining distance Reiki Healing and how it works:

Posted on: 22 May

What is Reiki?

Reiki, meaning ‘universal life-force energy’, is a traditional form of energy healing in which the practitioner channels universal energy (through their crown chakra at the top of their head and out of their hands) into the recipient – helping to rebalance the person’s energy flow and stimulating a natural inner healing process. The energy naturally flows to the ‘weakest’ points in a person’s system to help restore balance, health and vitality. Treatments can be carried out either in person ‘hands-on’ or sent to a person from a distance.

Understanding energy – the key to healing:

At the subtlest level, everything in the universe (including human beings) is comprised of life-force energy. Our ancestors intuitively knew and felt this, understanding the importance of balancing the energy within themselves and their environment to maintain health and harmony. Due to the development of our predominantly rational, left-brain education system, and our increasing disconnection from ourselves and from nature, many of us have lost touch with this innate truth – with our true essence. Our perception that we are solid, separate, purely physical beings, disconnected from the world around us and from our ‘Source’ is ultimately the root of all our suffering.

In the early twentieth century, Einstein ‘rediscovered’ what ancient cultures have known all along: the theory of special relativity – that matter and energy are not fixed, separate entities but fluid and interchangeable. Quantum physicists went on to prove that:

  • ‘Reality’ consists of one single, unified field of energy.
  • ‘Physical’ reality is comprised of 99.999999999999 percent empty space – meaning that things aren’t as solid as they appear!
  • Even particles/matter, the building blocks that make up ‘physical reality’, are comprised of energy  temporarily manifested into ‘form’.
  • Observed phenomena can appear as either particles or waves of energy, depending on the viewers point of view / expectations! There is no fixed physical ‘reality’ per se.
  • Particles can influence each other instantly even when they are placed at a distance from one another. This explains why distance healing works just as well as ‘hands on’. It is possible to use our intention to direct healing energy towards someone not physically present and their energy field will respond instantly to the healing.

The human energy system:

The human energy system includes the auric field  (comprised of several layers), the chakras (major energy centres located along the spine and other key areas in the body), and the meridians and nadis (energy pathways). Any physical, mental or emotional imbalance or illness will be reflected as a blockage or deficiency somewhere in our energy systems, and, conversely, any imbalance in our flow of vital energy will manifest as a physical symptom.

Our auric field naturally extends out into the environment around us and relays information about our surroundings via our feelings/intuition – for example, whether the person in front of us is overall ‘safe’, positive, angry or depressed. Whether we are consciously aware of it or not, we literally ‘feel’ and sense the energy vibration emanating from a person, group or room.

Learning how to sense and work with our own energy systems enables us to change ourselves and our lives for the better. We can balance our energy in many ways – for example, by receiving a Reiki, Shiatsu or Intuitive Healing treatment; by practising a form of movement meditation such as yoga, qigong or tai chi to bring about harmony to body, mind and energy flow; or by using daily positive thoughts/affirmations to raise our overall energy vibration. As we heal and balance ourselves on the level of body, mind and spirit (energy), we also start to attract more positive people, experiences and outcomes into our lives via the law of attraction (or vibrational resonance – like energy attracts like energy).

How does distant Reiki healing work?

Since Reiki is energy healing, which transcends the physical, it works just as effectively from a distance – no matter how far apart the sender and receiver. Reiki goes beyond the limits of time and space to bring the receiver and the practitioner together energetically into a healing space. Reiki fills the recipient with high vibrational healing energy, clears areas where the energy is blocked or stagnant, and triggers a natural healing and rebalancing process on the energetic, as well as physical, mental and emotional layers of their being (since all are intimately connected).

What you can expect from a distance Reiki session:

You and your therapist will usually prearrange a time when you are free to lie or sit  down in a quiet and peaceful place to receive your healing session. You can play gentle music in the background if that helps you to relax more easily.

During the session, all you need to do is relax and be open to receive healing. You might experience different sensations as the healing is taking place – for example, heat, tingling, chills, relaxation, waves of energy, a feeling of relief, increased energy levels or sleepiness. You may also see images or have visions, gain insights, and/or experience old emotions or memories surfacing to be released. If you fall asleep or don’t feel much, then don’t worry – the reiki will still do its healing work where it is needed.

If you like, you can ask for help with a particular symptom or issue that you feel still needs healing. In addition, Reiki may work on and bring to the surface issues that you may not have previously been consciously aware of but are now ready to heal.

In the days following the session, you might notice some shifts in your symptoms, mood and/or energy levels: these can be subtle and or quite noticeable. Every session is unique and you always receive exactly the right healing that you need at that particular time. Many people report feeling more relaxed, uplifted, relieved or energised after receiving a healing session. It is also possible to temporarily experience what is known as a ‘healing crisis’ for around 24 hours after the session, where symptoms and/or emotions surface more strongly to be released, acknowledged and made peace with. In this case, it’s important to take extra rest if you feel more tired than usual, and to give yourself the emotional support and self-care that you need.

For more information about distant Reiki healing or to book a session, please click here.


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