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I teach Reiki Level 1 and 2 courses (traditional Usui system) to small groups in UK and Thailand. Courses are available by request and scheduled courses will also be posted below.


REIKI LEVEL 1 TRAINING 4th and 5th September 2021. Learn how to give a full hands-on Reiki healing treatment to yourself and to another person. 

Venue: The Practice Rooms, The Old Bakehouse, 2a South Parade, Summertown, Oxford OX2 7JL.

Times: 9.30am until 5pm both days. Cost: £180.00 per person. 


REIKI LEVEL 2 TRAINING To be confirmed. Please feel free to ask if you have a particular date in mind. Learn how to send Reiki distantly (eg to another person, to the healing of your past or to a smooth outcome in the future), the sacred symbols to make your healing stronger and enable you to send it from a distance. Also learn a powerful form of mental-emotional healing that is only taught by some teachers. Prerequisite: Reiki Level 1 in the Usui tradition.

Cost: £220.00 per person. 



Reiki is a simple method of healing that can be used on oneself and to help others. Reiki practitioners learn how to connect with and channel universal healing energy for the purpose of re-balancing and re-harmonising their/another person’s energy field (aura). Our energy field and physical bodies are a crystallisation of all of our past and present experiences. Unresolved injury, tension, emotions or trauma show up as imbalances (blockage or deficiency) in a our energy field and as symptoms in our physical body. With Reiki, the energy automatically flows to the places of ‘imbalance’ where the healing is most needed. Reiki helps to bring about balance to the ‘whole person’ – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

The beauty of Reiki is both its simplicity and its effectiveness. Almost anyone can learn it: no special abilities are needed. It can be used on oneself, on friends and family, to help clients professionally, and in a wide variety of settings such as in hospitals, children’s centres, when encountering a person who has had an accident, or with animals.


REIKI LEVEL 1 is the Foundation level. In Reiki 1, you learn how to give hands-on healing – to yourself and other people. Reiki 1 can be taken as a stand-alone course or followed later by Level 2 (a minimum period of 21 days must be left in between levels 1 and 2). A wide variety of people learn Reiki: those who mostly want to use it for self-healing, to help friends and family, and/or with clients professionally. It can even be used on your pets, plants and to boost the energy in your food/drinks.

Reiki Level 1 Duration: four half days of approximately 3 hours each (12 hours in total), plus approximately 1 hour of homework on days 1, 2 and 3. Or two intensive days (6 hours per day) with follow-up support if needed.

Reiki Level 1 course content:

  • A brief history of Reiki;
  • Four personal attunements to help you connect with and channel Reiki energy;
  • How perform a full hands-on healing treatment on yourself;
  • How to carry out a full hands-on healing treatment on another person;
  • Learning how to interpret insights/information you may receive during a treatment;
  • Time to practise, self-reflect and ask questions;
  • Chance to go deep in your own healing journey, and receive individual guidance and support where needed;
  • Practical information for those who are interested in practising Reiki professionally (building experience and confidence, renting clinic space, insurance, etc);
  • A supportive, healing space for yourself and others;
  • Professional certificate and manual;
  • Ongoing support from your teacher as and when needed.

Cost of Reiki Level 1: 180.00 per person. 

Please note: I teach Reiki Level 1 using gentle touch, which is how it was originally taught and recommended (rather than ‘off the body’). As a rule, most modern humans do not receive enough safe, caring touch so this is also a very important part of the healing process, except in cases where it is not possible (eg when working with someone with severe burns or an open wound). After the course, you will also be equipped to work ‘off the body’ in cases where you feel that this is necessary.


REIKI LEVEL 2 is the advanced level, which strengthens the healing and also enables you to send it DISTANTLY to people, relationships, events in the past or future, etc.

Reiki Level 2 Duration: One full day and one half day.

Reiki Level 2 course content:

  • Learning how to send Reiki healing distantly across space and time – for example, to a person who is not physically present with you, to the healing of a past situation or unresolved emotional upset, to a smooth future journey/job interview, etc. 
  • The memorising of three powerful symbols – one to help strengthen and focus the healing energy, another for specific mental/emotional healing and the final one to enable you to send Reiki distantly.
  • One personal attunement to help you integrate the symbols into your being and consciousness so that you can use them anytime you like;
  • Practise sending Reiki distantly to people and situations, give and receive feedback, learn how to trust in and interpret the intuitive messages you receive during sessions;
  • Learn how to use the first and second symbols in both hands-on and distant treatments to increase the healing effect;
  • Learn and practise a powerful form of targeted mental/emotional healing – both in person and from a distance;
  • Professional certificate and course manual;
  • Ongoing support from your teacher as and when needed.

Prerequisites for Traditional Usui Reiki Level 2: Usui Reiki Level 1, studied over at least two days (approximately 12 hours). Please note: if you have studied a different form of Reiki from a different lineage – eg Tibetan or Rainbow Reiki – then you will need to take Level 1 again in the Usui tradition before proceeding to level 2, as the systems and attunements can be quite different. The same applies if you only did a one day course- two days is the minimum needed to receive all the necessary attunements and adequate time to practise.

Please note, a minimum of 21 days must be left in between Level 1 and 2 to allow time for your energy field to adjust and integrate after the attunements. 

Cost of Reiki 2 Course: £220.00 per person. 


Please do get in touch if you would like any further information or would like to arrange tuition in your area.