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Distance Cranio-Sacral Therapy



Distance Biodynamic Cranio-Sacral Therapy is a gentle yet powerful therapy, (traditionally carried out using gentle touch but also adaptable to a long-distance environment), which:

  • supports your body-mind to relax and return to a natural state of rest and ease;
  • helps your body to release old ‘holding patterns’ and restrictions (from unresolved injury, illness, surgery or emotional trauma);
  • works with your body’s own self-healing and re-balancing ability;
  • teaches you how to connect more deeply with yourself, your body, the present moment and a state of inner peace.

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The Theory of distance Cranio-Sacral Therapy:

Biodynamic Cranio-Sacral Therapy’s primary focus is the presence of a subtle, rhythmic motion, which can be felt in every cell of the human body. This motion originates from the cerebro-spinal fluid, membranes and bones surrounding the central nervous system (brain and spinal cord). Osteopath William Sutherland discovered that this motion is as vital to life as our heartbeat or breath, preceding even these as we begin life in the womb. Named motion ‘primary respiration’ or The Breath of Life’, this motion is an expression our very ‘life-force’ – the energy and intelligence that gives us life and sustains us.

By ‘tuning into’ and connecting with the subtle, rhythmic life force motion present in a person, we can gain valuable information about the state of health and vitality of that person: any areas of imbalance/restriction (where the flow of energy, fluids and tissue movement are impeded), as well as the underlying health that is always present underneath. Our life-force actually possesses its own self-healing and rebalancing capacity – constantly adjusting in response to internal or external challenges to maintain health and homeostasis. However, when presented with excessive challenges, its rebalancing ability can eventually become compromised, leading to corresponding areas of tension, ‘holding’ patterns and restriction in the body’s structures (bones, membranes, fluids, organs or muscles). This can show up as symptoms such as headaches, digestive issues, back pain, arthritis, cancer or chronic fatigue.

With in-person sessions, Cranio-Sacral Therapists use extremely gentle touch to ‘tune into’ the subtle rhythmic motions of the body and work with them to help the person heal from the inside out. With distance Cranio Sacral Therapy sessions, instead of using actual touch, I visualise the client in my healing room, imagine placing my hands on them, and connect with/tune into their body and its subtle, rhythmic motions as normal. (Since at the subtlest level we are all comprised of energy, which is easily transformed with intention and a healing focus, it is possible to ‘tune in’ and work just as effectively with a client from a distance as hands-on.) Connecting with the person’s life-force energy with a supportive, healing intention helps to boost and reactivate its natural rebalancing ability. Gradually the body starts to release old tension, holding patterns, unresolved emotions and/or stuck energy, and move into its natural state of flow, health, vitality and balance.

What to expect during a distance Cranio-Sacral Therapy treatment:

Firstly, for new clients, I will email you some questions to answer about your medical history/symptoms and reason/s for seeking treatment.

First session (initial chat): with new clients, I usually like to start the first session with a short Skype/Zoom chat so that we can ‘meet’ each other, clarify if you have any particular needs or intentions for the session, and decide on the best way of working together.

I will also explain how the treatment works and, if needed, guide you through a short relaxation/body scan to help you relax before you lie down. Another option is to give you some instructions on how to relax yourself after we hang up the phone and begin the treatment.

For the treatment itself: It’s best if you can lie down in a comfortable and quiet place where you won’t be disturbed. (You can use soft pillows under your head and knees, a cosy blanket and/or anything else that will help you settle into as relaxed and comfortable state as possible.) It’s ideal if you can lie on your back in an ‘open’ posture with your eyes closed, but also if you feel more comfortable lying on your side then that is fine too. It’s beneficial if you can try to stay present throughout the session and connected to your body sensations – (you can learn a lot about yourself during the process) – however the treatment will still work if you fall asleep.

Start by taking three slow deep breaths and have the intention of letting go of any tension on each out breath. Then just relax and be open to the healing taking place. It is ideal if you can try to keep some of your awareness on your body throughout the session if you can.

What you might experience during a distance Cranio Sacral Therapy session: you may notice one or more sensations, such as deep relaxation, the feeling of heat or cold in different parts of your body, tingling, muscles releasing, energy flowing, emotions or old memories surfacing to be resolved, a feeling of expansion, sleepiness or other feelings. Try to observe the physical, bodily sensations without getting ‘lost’ in any feelings or thoughts. If you notice your mind wandering, gently bring your awareness back into your body or breath in the present moment. If any sensations or emotions feel overwhelming then you open your eyes to connect back into the present moment or visualise/connect with a ‘safe’ imaginary place, object or colour (we call this a ‘resource’- something that helps you to feel safe and present).

At the end of the session, You are welcome to set an alarm clock for, say, 10 minutes after the session has ended, in case you fall asleep. Feel free though to stay lying down for as long as you need to allow for the healing that has occurred to integrate.

To help support the healing process, trust your body and intuition as to what you need afterwards – maybe more rest if you feel tired, a walk in nature, or to journal about your experience. Make sure you drink plenty of water. We will then either arrange a time for a check in follow-up skype or do this via email, according to which option you choose.

(Please note: remote cranio-sacral therapy is not always the best form of treatment or suitable for everyone. If you are suffering from any mental health issues or significant trauma, please contact me so we can assess your particular needs and see if this kind of treatment would be beneficial for you.)

Cost for distance Cranio-Sacral Therapy:

FIRST consultation and treatment for new clients: 1.5 hours – £60 / 2,500 baht. Includes zoom/skype consultation to start with and an optional check-in afterwards.

FOLLOW-UP treatment 50 minutes (including 10-15 minute Skype/Zoom/WhatsApp check-in before and, if desired, afterwards): £50 / 2,100 baht.

FOLLOW-UP treatment 50 minutes (plus EMAIL-only check-in before and afterwards):£40 / 1,700 baht.