Cranio Sacral Oxford

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What does a treatment involve?

What happens in a Cranio Sacral Therapy Treatment?

  • Cranio sacral therapy takes place with the client lying on a treatment couch, wearing comfortable clothing, in a quiet and peaceful environment.
  • Treatments begin with a case history to discuss the client’s medical history and any specific symptoms / issues on which they would like to work.
  • The central aspect of cranio sacral therapy is the practitioner’s use of gentle touch. Contact may be taken up on the cranium (head), sacrum (tailbone), spine or any other part of the body that needs rebalancing.
  • Using their hands, the practitioner is trained to tune into and ‘listen’ to the different structures of the body and their subtle, rhythmic movements, identifying any areas of restriction, tension or inertia.
  • The combination of nurturing touch and deep listening helps the client to relax to a deep level, as their body begins to ‘let go’ of old tensions and old ‘holding patterns’ and experience a renewed state of relaxation, stillness, peace and well being.