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What conditions can Biodynamic Cranio-Sacral help?


A large number of conditions have their roots in stress – physical or mental/emotional. A good definition of stress is “when life’s challenges exceed our body or mind’s ability to cope”. Stressful situations could include working long hours in a job that we dislike, experiencing a major injury or trauma, struggling to pay our bills, being exposed to an overload of toxins, picking up a parasitic infection, or feeling trapped in an unhappy marriage. Stress creates chronic tension and pain in the body, interrupts the digestive processes, can cause damage to our major organs, weaken our immune response, limit our ability to think clearly, and much more.

Biodynamic Cranio-Sacral Therapy’s main focus is:

– Helping you to deeply relax, ‘let go’ of physical or mental/emotional tensions, and access a state of deep rest.

– Enabling your nervous system to switch from sympathetic mode (fight-flight-freeze) into parasympathetic mode (rest-digest-sleep-heal) to enable a natural process of healing and re-balancing;

-Connecting with your body’s life-force energy and its natural healing/re-balancing ability. Identifying areas of tension and restriction, as well as your system’s underlying potential for health. Supporting your system to gently let go of restrictions/tensions stemming from old injuries, surgery, illness, emotional holding patterns or trauma, and return to its natural state of free-flowing, relaxed movement.

Biodynamic Cranio-Sacral Therapy can help you to:

-Release tension or pain from unresolved injury, surgery, lifestyle patterns, birth trauma, dental work and more;

– Access and release unresolved emotions stored in your body’s tissues and cellular memory;

-Raise your energy levels and vitality naturally;

– Improve your overall health and support your immune system;

-Improve your sleep quality;

-Become more present, embodied and self-aware;

-Take greater control of your health, well-being and life.

-Connect with greater feelings of well-being, inner peace and calm.

Who is Biodynamic Cranio-Sacral Therapy suitable for?

Being so gentle, Cranio Sacral Therapy is suitable for people of all ages, including babies and children, the elderly, dying or those in acutely fragile or painful conditions.

Please note:

Unfortunately I am no longer permitted by the Advertising Standards Agency to name any specific conditions or situations in which people have found Cranio-Sacral Therapy to be helpful. However, if you have any questions then I would be happy to discuss your individual situation with you based on my experience over the last sixteen years (with no obligation, of course). Please see my Contacts page for details on how to get in touch.

Nothing in this website is intended to interrupt or replace the relationship you have with your doctor or to discourage you from seeking medical advice where applicable.