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Long-distance Intuitive Healing



I begin the session by ‘tune into’ your body and energy field from a distance and connecting with Source to ask where healing is currently needed for you. I then receive guidance as to what is needed and how to carry out the healing. Sometimes I am guided to work on your body, at other times in your energy field.

The theory behind how Intuitive Healing works:

At the subtlest level, human beings – and, in fact, all of creation – are comprised of energy. Our ancestors instinctively felt this, however, modern life with its focus on predominantly left-brain, scientific thinking has meant that many people have lost touch with this reality. In order to be assured of good health, our energy flow must be overall smooth, even, vital and unimpeded. Unresolved symptoms, illness or emotional traumas can become ‘held’ in the body’s tissues and the person’s energy field, creating blockages and deficiency in some areas.

Healers are able to see, feel or sense a person’s energy flow in and around their body, and to determine where unresolved symptoms or emotional issues/traumas are ‘held’. They then use different methods to release these blockages and restore the free flow of energy. In Intuitive Healing, I am guided to use a range of techniques to clear and rebalance the energy, working both ‘on’ the body and your energy field.

How did Intuitive Healing evolve?

Working with energy comes naturally to me. (It’s something that we all have the ability to do, however in our modern world, many people have lost touch with this.) Unlike the other modalities I offer, Intuitive Healing is not something I was taught but something that I instinctively know how to do – to see, feel and clear blocked energy – and to open up to divine guidance so I can be a channel for healing. I am not ‘the healer’ but simply a channel/facilitator for the healing work to  occur.

What does a Distant Intuitive Healing session involve?

Together, we will decide on a time when you can lie/sit down in a quiet and peaceful environment to relax and receive the healing. (It is also possible for me to send it at a time when you are unaware/asleep, however most people find it more interesting to be awake and to ‘tune in’ during the session. Sometimes you will even gain valuable insights about yourself.)

You are welcome to request that I focus on specific conditions/problem areas – although your higher self will still set the priorities for healing.

I will begin by connecting with you and observing your energy field from a distance, asking your Higher self where healing is currently needed. I then receive guidance as to how to carry out the healing, according to the current priorities for your system.

You may feel a number of things during the session, such as heat, relaxation, tingling, shivering, and/or the surfacing of old emotions or memories as they come up to be resolved and integrated into your conscious memory. After the session, it’s good to take some time to relax (and rest if you feel the need – energy work can be surprisingly tiring sometimes!) Make sure you drink a lot of water, avoid too much caffeine/drinking alcohol for 24 hours if you can, and choose some healthy foods to support your body’s healing process.


  • 50 minute healing (+ follow-up email report):- – £40
  • 30 minute healing (+ follow-up email report):- £25

Both sessions include a follow up email summary of the session detailing any information that I think may be useful to you.

If you would like to ‘meet’ first or to talk through any of your symptoms, we can also arrange a short skype session before the session.


Please email me with your preferred dates/times and I will get back to you to arrange a session.

I will also need a summary of your medical history, full name, date of birth, address and any significant health conditions/medications.