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What is Intuitive Healing?


Intuitive Healing is my own unique method of treatment, which combines gentle touch and energy healing as appropriate for your needs. With over thirteen years of experience as a cranio-sacral therapy, shiatsu and reiki therapist, I have come up with my own approach which allows me to combine and tailor treatments to meet your individual needs.

Using my deep sensitivity and intuition, I am able to ‘tune in’ to a person’s body and energy field to ascertain where re-balancing is needed and which techniques/s would be most beneficial.

In the treatments, I generally use touch but may occasionally also work with my hands away from your physical body (in your energy field or ‘aura’) if required.

The overall aim of the treatments is to help you to reconnect with your natural state of relaxation, peace and balance on all levels of your being – body, mind and spirit. Treatments can help you to:

  • Deeply relax and let go of tension or ‘holding patterns’ from your body;
  • Release and let go of old emotions that have been ‘stored’ in the body’s tissues/cellular memory;
  • Re-establish a healthy flow of energy throughout your body,
  • Connect with your body, mind, emotions and/or energy flow more deeply, allowing you valuable insights into your current state of being and any changes you may wish to make.