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What is Intuitive Healing?

Where does Intuitive Healing come from?

I was guided to start working with a intuitive energy healing a few years ago in my therapy practice. I started to notice that I could see and feel energy around and within a person’s body, and where this was blocked. I also received guidance and a deep ‘knowing’ as to how to clear the blockages and offer healing. The more I managed to ‘get myself and my own ideas out of the way’, the more that I trusted, then the healing would just occur effortlessly. (This is actually an ability that we all have – it’s just that many of us have forgotten or don’t trust it.)

The energy flow in and around our bodies reflects our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual state. Physical injuries or illness, mental/emotional/spiritual imbalances and unresolved issues from the past show up as a disruption to the smooth flow of energy throughout our system. Therefore, energy work is a highly effective way to heal and bring about balance and harmony to the ‘whole person’.

What happens during an Intuitive Healing session?

Sessions are usually carried out with the person lying fully clothed on a treatment couch, however it is also possible to do the session sitting on a chair if you are unable to lie down.

I begin the session by observing the energy flow in and around your body, and asking for guidance from Source/your higher self on where the healing is needed.

Sometimes I am guided to work directly on your body with gentle touch or massage, at other times to work in your energy field to clear blockages. At times, I may also receive verbal or visual information related to the issue that needs healing, which I will relay to you at the end.

The healing process:

In the days following a treatment, you may notice some changes occurring on a physical, mental, emotional and/or energetic level as your system adjusts to the healing. You may notice aches and pains changing in intensity and fading away, old emotions surfacing so that they can be expressed, accepted and healed/released, or increased energy levels. It is also possible that you may temporarily feel more tired than normal, particularly if you are in the process of going through some big changes and healing – in this case you should try to rest as much as you can, drink lots of water and eat simple, healthy, nourishing food to support your healing process. Taking time to be on your own and express your feelings though writing, spontaneous artwork or exercise can be helpful ways of acknowledging, accepting and healing any painful feelings which arise.