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The benefits of Intuitive Healing:

Intuitive Healing treatments help to:


– Re-balance the flow of vital energy throughout your body;

– Release tension, restrictions and ‘holding patterns’ from your body and energy field;

– Release old, unresolved emotions that have been stored in the body’s tissues/cellular memory;

– Reawaken your body’s natural healing and re-balancing ability;

– Increase your energy levels;

– Help you gain more awareness/insight into your current state of being and any changes you may want to make;

– Reconnect you with your natural sense of well-being, wholeness, peace and balance.



Unfortunately I am no longer permitted by the Advertising Standards Agency to name any specific conditions or situations in which people have found Intuitive Healing to be helpful. However, if you have any questions then I would be happy to discuss your individual situation with you based on my experience over the last twelve years (with no obligation, of course). Please see my Contacts page for details on how to get in touch.

Please note: Nothing in this website is intended to interrupt or replace the relationship you have with your doctor or to discourage you from seeking medical advice where applicable.