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What does a treatment involve?

What does a Zen Shiatsu treatment involve?

  • Shiatsu is carried out with the client lying down on a low treatment couch or futon mattress, wearing loose, comfortable clothing.
  • The first treatment begins with a thorough case history, enabling the practitioner to get a clearer idea of the issues on which the client would like to work.
  • The practitioner then applies gentle touch to various points on the client’s abdomen (or ‘hara’ – our energy centre where all the meridians converge)  and/or arm in order to identify any areas of energetic stagnation or deficiency in the meridians.
  • In the core part of the treatment, the therapist applies gentle pressure, stretches and manipulation to the whole body, whilst specifically focusing on any areas of deficiency or blockage in particular meridians to clear or re-vitalise these.
  • Treatments can help to re-balance the client’s flow of vital energy, release tension and stress, induce deep relaxation, create greater inner harmony and balance, improve mood and quality of sleep.