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“I had been feeling low, anxious and tired, and was looking for a way to feel better and enjoy life, with more energy.  I have seen Silvie for both Shiatsu and Cranio Sacral Therapy, and have been amazed at the treatments and by Silvie herself as a therapist.  She has an exceptional gift and, over time, works at an incredibly deep level, yet this is the gentlest treatment I have ever received.  Silvie seems to work in tune with my body to understand what is most needed at each session. Over the course of my sessions, I have experienced a feeling of being more relaxed, grounded and truly balanced.” – Bryony F.

“I’ve been seeing Silvie for many years now, and over this time I have gained more and more respect and gratitude for her immense wisdom, and her ability to gently support my body to relax, open and the healing process to begin. Silvie has helped me understand the root of my problems, as well as addressing the physical dysfunction, which to me is so important. I’ve spent too many years suppressing my illness, so when someone like Silvie can actually influence my physical and emotional body for amazing results I can comfortably call them a true healer.” Josh, Australia (Cranio-Sacral Therapy/Intuitive Healing)

“Silvie is an exceptional and gifted therapist who assisted my personal transformation, reconnecting me to my soul and restoring vitality to my body. I would recommend cranio-sacral therapy for all manner of ailments- physical, mental, emotional – and Silvie would be my first choice for her kindness, intuition and empathy.” – BF

“I have been feeling so relieved after the treatment! So easy to breathe… I have slept better than ever and I have been feeling really energized.” – Kaisa Ahtonen (Cranio-Sacral Therapy)

“I started seeing Silvie for Cranio-Sacral Therapy after experiencing a severe whiplash injury. The treatment had such a positive effect on me, my health and well-being that I continue to have regular treatments to ensure I stay well and to help give my system a boost if I feel run down. It has also been a fantastic therapy to help restore my energy levels or when I was going through a stressful period.  Silvie is a very gifted practitioner, who instantly puts you at ease and is extremely professional. I could not recommend her highly enough.” – Tara M

“This was my first encounter with Reiki, and I was unsure what to expect.  Silvie provided a safe and welcoming environment in which to “experiment” and become familiar with this new form of treatment.  From the start, the effects were profound, and I was surprised and encouraged by their power and effectiveness.  Some of the immediate effects were physical – deep relaxation, relief from some minor ailments, a sense of physical cleansing and restoration.  Over subsequent treatments, I began to experience deeper and more subtle changes.  This included resolution of some deep-seated emotions, renewed energy and significant positive changes to my outlook on life. I now find myself in a much better place on almost every level, with a deep fascination for Reiki, which has become a constant and valued part of my life.” – Miriam Hadcocks

“By treating the body as a whole, Cranio Sacral Therapy addresses the imbalances at source, and in a totally non-invasive way realigns the powerful self-healing abilities the body itself possesses.  I always feel physically better and energised after a treatment.” – Serena Wylde

“In my experience there isn’t a bodywork treatment that goes deeper than Cranio Sacral Therapy, in supporting the alleviation of all that needs to be let go of in order for health & well being to flow. Silvie is a kind, calm & insightful practitioner with a profound gift and a most tender way of offering herself in the provision of a beautiful space & treatment. I cannot recommend her highly enough… Thanks Silvie. I look forward to next time. Much love! xxx”  – Dawnie Browne 

“Cranio-sacral therapy has really helped me. I had been rather sceptical but I came away feeling amazed that such a gentle technique had such a powerful effect, and one that was both immediate and long lasting.” – JM

“I have been having a monthly session of Reiki with Silvie for around 9 months now and would really recommend it to anyone considering giving it a try. In the first session I reached a level of relaxation that I really don’t ever remember experiencing before and for 2 days afterwards I remained extremely chilled out and relaxed. Since then I look forward to my monthly session which for me is an opportunity to completely let go and just let whatever needs to happen, happen. I don’t know what exactly does happen but over this period it feels like I have been slowly releasing some old negative patterns and making room for less fear and more ease and authenticity in my life. It’s such a subtle process but it feels like it’s working at some deep level and reminding me of who I really am and getting me closer to my true nature. Silvie works in a really gentle and caring way, and her calm presence really helps me enter the natural flow of the session.” – Emma D

“Silvie’s calm quiet presence soon had me relaxed and, as she laid her hands gently on various parts of me, I felt some quite pronounced sensations – heat from her hands, a pressure as she touched my abdomen…Silvie told me afterwards that this was old patterns and tensions being released. I was deeply relaxed throughout, and felt very calm and peaceful at the conclusion…I am pretty certain I will return for further treatments.” -Denise Barclay, editor of Oxford Limited Edition magazine, received a Cranio-Sacral Therapy session (excerpt from article published in February 2011).


“Silvie’s contribution to our annual Stress Awareness Day was enormous. Her treatments were the highlight of the day and generated a huge amount of interest.  Feedback from the staff was extremely positive, with many enquiring as to whether Silvie would be returning to our head offices for longer and more frequent treatments.” – Zoe Hudson, Staff Health Executive. (I now visit this organisation fortnightly and offer treatments in-house.)


 I have been to Silvie’s dance class many times now, and it is an excellent way to relax and de-stress. Silvie is a wonderful faciltator, creates a warm atmosphere and takes you through every step of the process in a very clear way. I recommend the class to anyone who is looking to try something new and wants to have the chance to dance. ” – Katrina

“Such goooood medicine for the soul!! I love the experience of freedom and connecting with the soul’s movements. No judgements – a totally safe and comfortable place to express yourself. It’s one of the best feelings in the universe!” – Hannah

“Thanks SO much for last Friday Silvie – I had such a wonderful experience and I’ll definitely be back. It’s given me something very settling and I’d really like to explore that more. Am very excited!” – Caroline

“I really enjoyed this workshop. Silvie was a wonderful facilitator, she provided us with a safe and non-invasive space, allowed for a harmonious group energy, and observed and listened to us all during the closing circle. I truly loved it! Thank you, Silvie!”  – Sharon Dearman