Cranio Sacral Oxford

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I offer regular Dance4Joy, Ecstatic Awakening Dance and Creative Play classes for the purpose of self-expression, healing, awakening your unique, authentic, creative self, personal development and FUN!  🙂  

These workshops provide a safe and supportive space for you to:

* (Re)connect with and express the innate creativity within yourself – through dance or creative exploration; * 

* Quieten your thinking mind (left brain) and connect more deeply with your body, intuition and creative (right brain) self; *

* Relax, become more fully present and absorbed in the moment (activating your parasympathetic nervous system and allowing for deep healing/re-balancing to occur); 

* Gently challenge, heal and move through any limiting beliefs, past stories or painful emotions – using the powerful tools of cathartic self-expression, self-awareness, self-love, acceptance, intention-setting and letting go * 

* Increase your self-awareness and gain important insights that allow you more freedom to make choices in your life;

*Activate your full creative potential in all other areas of your life! *  


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