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Flow Motion


Flow Motion is an intuitive movement practice and inner healing journey that helps you connect more deeply with your unique self-expression & creative potential. 

In this practice, there are no set steps; no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’. With the eyes closed or half closed, we connect deeply with ourselves, and allow the music, our body and feelings to guide us as to how we need to move in each moment. With practise, gradually we let go of the thinking judging mind, and learn to trust in the wisdom of our bodies and our creative, intuitive selves.

Our bodies (guided by the right, intuitive, subconscious part of the brain) know what they want and need to do. moment by moment. We may feel the need to stretch, expand, contract, explore different movements, breathe into particular parts of our body, shake out tensions, release restrictions, express our emotions, open or rest. Our movements may be tiny or large, slow or fast, rhythmic, playful or chaotic. Whatever we most need at the time.

Flow Motion helps us to reconnect with our body’s intuitive, inner wisdom  so that we can expand into our full, creative, ‘whole brain’ potential. 



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  • Become more present in your body & in the moment;
  • Let go of the ‘thinking, analytical mind’;
  • Connect more deeply with your intuitive, creative self;
  • Increase self awareness;
  • Learn how to listen to & work with the wisdom of the body;
  • Release old ‘holding patterns’ & tensions from your body & energy field;
  • Improve your energy levels;
  • Discover new ways of moving & being;
  • Express yourself with more freedom, confidence & openness;
  • Access deeper states of joy, oneness & inner peace.

“There are shortcuts to happiness and dancing is one of them.” – Vicki Baum


Flow Motion begins with the participants lying on the floor with their eyes closed. This is a chance to fully relax, let go, and connect with your body and the present moment before we start to move.

Gradually we move into a bodyscan, noticing how we are feeling at the start & how our body wants to move & stretch. I will offer a gentle, eyes closed, guided movement/full body warm up – to help you connect with and explore movement in different parts of your body, and then finally then body as a whole.

This will lead into free-flowing movement (with no guidance), as we allow ourselves to be guided by the music, our bodies and our intuition – to move however feels good. The music will gradually build up in speed into a releasing phase, when we will have a chance to release and shake out any tension, stress or stuck emotions from our bodies in our own way. This will give way to a more ‘playful’ phase as, after releasing, we connect with new energy and possibilities – in movement and in life.

Finally, as the music slows down, we will let go and unwind with 5-10 minutes of stillness together, lying on the floor. 



This practice is suitable for almost everyone and no previous movement experience is required. There are no set steps, & no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way to move. Your way is perfect!

If you have a serious physical or mental health condition then please let me know beforehand so that I am aware, including any special support or requirements that you need. 


Thailand – 250 bhat per person.

UK – £10.00 per person.

Please bring: yourself, comfortable clothing that you can easily move in & a bottle of water to keep hydrated.


Please click on this link for specific dates.



“Goooood medicine for the soul!! I love the experience of freedom and connecting with the body’s movements. No judgements – a totally safe and comfortable place to express yourself. It’s one of the best feelings in the Universe!” – Hannah


Me jumping!I created Flow Motion (previously Dance4Joy) in 2012, after many years of experience and experimenting with different forms of dance and movement for  healing.

I discovered therapeutic dance in 2006 when a friend recommended that I attend an Osho Aum movement meditation. I found it truly eye-opening to see people expressing themselves in such a free and uninhibited way (without the aid of alcohol!) and to be given ‘permission’ (or to give myself permission) to do the same. I was immediately hooked! I began dancing as often as I could, experimenting with 5 Rhythms, Active Meditation, Ecstatic Dance, Contemporary Dance and Butoh. I found expressive dance to be fantastically healing and liberating – it vastly improved my self confidence, sense of freedom, health, well-being and posture – and was loads of fun! Best of all, it helped me to reconnect with the joy deep within myself and dramatically boosted my energy levels.

In 2011, whilst living in North East Thailand, I finally found myself without a class/teacher and felt inspired to create something myself. I devised my own simple expressive dance class, incorporating elements I had found helpful on my own healing journey as well as from my work as a therapist. I started running classes for small groups, receiving a lot of positive feedback from friends and clients – and so Dance4Joy & Inner Flow Motion was born!