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Dance4Joy: Chakra Healing

Dance4Joy is a fun, liberating and powerful therapeutic method which combines free-form movement, mindful awareness, breath work and verbal guidance to help you to connect with, heal and balance yourself on all levels: body, mind and spirit. Dance4Joy helps you connect more deeply with yourself and the present moment, release tension, blocked emotions and energy, and feel more vibrantly alive, awake and joyful!

Dance4Joy: Chakra Healing is a series of specific workshops running over seven evenings, each workshop focusing on exploring and balancing a particular chakra (energy centre). Each dance follows a similar format: starting with a guided warm up, moving into conscious free movement whilst exploring a particular chakra; ‘shake and release’ to let go of stuck energy and emotions; chakra healing dance and guided meditation/visualisation. Most of the workshop is carried out with the eyes closed as the focus is on your own personal experience and healing. No dance experience is necessary and there is absolutely no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way to move.

The music for the workshops will cover a whole range including World, reggae, trance, techno, New Age and classical.

Each dance will focus on balancing one of the seven main chakras (energy centres/areas of consciousness) of the kundalini yoga system that relate to:

–      Your relationship with your physical body and the Earth; survival issues related to money, home and food; overall physical health and energy levels; and passion for life (ROOT CHAKRA).

–      Your emotions, feelings of wellbeing / ability to feel pleasure, sensuality, sexuality, creativity, self-worth and how you relate to others (SACRAL CHAKRA).

–      Your sense of personal power, willpower, self-confidence, joy and enthusiasm for life (SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA).

–      Your ability to give and receive love, to trust, empathise, feel compassion and forgive (HEART CHAKRA).

–      How you communicate and express yourself, your ability to listen and to understand what is being communicated by others (THROAT CHAKRA).

–      Insight and intuition, wisdom, the ability to see the bigger picture beyond ego consciousness (THIRD EYE CHAKRA).

–      Your spiritual connection, feelings of bliss and oneness (CROWN CHAKRA).

Dance4Joy: Chakra Healing will help you to: 

–      Connect more deeply with yourself and the present moment in order to increase self-awareness and access your natural self-healing abilities.

–      Release tension, stuck emotions and blocked energy from your body, chakras and energy field.

–      Consciously connect with different chakras / aspects of your being for the purpose of healing, insight, balance and integration of your whole self.

–      Express your authentic, unique and creative self with confidence and freedom!

–      Gently challenge limiting patterns, behaviours and fears, and explore new possibilities for how to be in the world.

–      Increase your energy levels.

–      Let go and relax more deeply.

–      Experience states of joy, peace and oneness with all that is.

–      Awaken to your true, unlimited and ecstatic nature!

–      De-stress and have fun!

–      Integrate your insights and transformation into your everyday life.